Tasks undetaken

  • Initial client meetings to clarify a client’s set of requirements given an existing site or building and develop the brief.
  • Provide a concept design to determine the general plan layout and three dimensional structure.
  • Develop the agreed design clarifying the plan, the materials and the finishes to be used.
  • Detail the design and provide a specification for building purposes.
  • Carry out and supervise quality control during the building process up and until completion.
  • Provide the interior design with furnishings, specify and arrange the supply and installation of all elements.
  • Obtain the necessary licences and local authority approvals before and after the works as necessary.
  • Client aftercare.

Strengths of the company

  • The ability to be able to plan the buildings internally and externally and wherever given perimeters exist, determine the best layouts to accommodate the various activities, their position and relationship to each other.
  • Control of the movement within the plan horizontally and vertically.
  • Use of  form and space to create an interesting three dimensional dwelling and where possible and desired plan carefully to allow for the maximum amount of natural light to enter the interiors.
  • Carefully select the best materials , services in order of making it more clear and also in co-ordinating with the help of kcb maids cleaning service and finishes to give life to the interiors.
  • Use specialist tradesmen known from relationships formed on previous projects.
  • Knowledge of quality materials and their uses.
  • A versatile approach to design embracing varyous styles.
  • Fully integrate the design from the basic structure, the provision of services to the inclusion and final placement of furnishings.
  • Client’s satisfaction in the finished product plus easy access to online financing through